Storage units in Oakville and the GTA

​Get the Most Out of Your Storage Units

Effectively maximizing the space in one of our self storage units in Oakville—or elsewhere in southern Ontario —is usually a skill that’s acquired only after much trial and error. Thankfully, you can benefit from the wisdom of our experience. Here are our top tips for safely and effectively using your storage unit to the max.

Think vertically

All our public storage spaces in Oakville, Georgetown, Mississauga, and throughout southern Ontario are eight feet tall. This means that in order to make the most of your unit, you need to store your items vertically as well as horizontally. Mattresses and couches should both be tilted upwards, and metal shelving can be employed to safely stack boxed items up to the ceiling.

Dismantle bigger items
Furniture should be taken apart whenever possible. Tables can easily be separated from their legs and beds can also be dismantled for optimized storage space. Some types of desks can also be taken apart.

Use internal spaces of bigger items for additional storage
Keep smaller items nestled inside furniture and appliances. Chests of drawers can hold linens and towels. An empty fridge is great for storing kitchen items. And a washer or dryer can hold laundry products and cleaning supplies.

Use boxes in only one or two sizes
Utilizing uniform boxes prevents awkward gaps from forming when you stack them. They’ll line up neatly and utilize space more efficiently than mismatched boxes.

Pack shrewdly
When it comes to packing smartly, think in terms of both individual boxes and the storage unit itself. In both cases you want to:
  • Fill up all nooks and crannies. Using every available bit of space is both efficient and protects your items by creating balance and immovability.
  • Put the heaviest items at the bottom and lighter items on top. This balances the weight of boxes better and can prevent damage to breakable items.
  • Use protective covering for key items. Utilize slipcovers for couches and mattresses. Place furniture pads over wooden items you don’t want to get scuffed. Encase pottery and other breakables in paper or bubble wrap.
Don’t forget to create an aisle or two
If for any reason you need to retrieve a particular item, you’ll want to make sure there is an access point. Creating an aisle may cut into the amount of space available, but it can save you a massive headache down the road.

Select your storage company wisely. Security, convenience and affordability are what you want out of your storage units. U-Need Storage provides this precise kind of value in all our 8 locations in Oakville, Georgetown, Mississauga and other parts of GTA. Visit our locations today to book a unit or get more information about specific products and services.