Inside of a boat storage facility


If you’re thinking about buying a boat, you may be wondering where to store it. Here’s some information that can help you weigh your options and figure out what kind of boat storage best meets your needs.

Wet-slip versus dry-boat storage

Boats can be kept in wet-slip or dry-boat storage. With wet-slip storage, your boat is kept in the water, while with dry-boat storage, your boat is stored on dry land. Wet-slip storage is convenient during the summer months, but many prefer to use dry-boat storage during the cooler months to protect their boat during the harsh winter weather.

Outdoor versus indoor dry-boat storage

If you choose dry-boat storage, you’ll need to decide whether to keep your boat outside, or inside. Indoor storage tends to be more expensive than outdoor storage. It also makes it harder to be spontaneous since you must plan ahead to get your boat out of storage and onto the water. However, when it comes to security and protection from the weather, indoor storage has the upper hand. You can expect the storage unit to be equipped with locks, gates and surveillance systems to keep trespassers at bay. In addition, the fact that your boat is tucked away from the elements will greatly extend its lifespan.

Yearlong versus seasonal

Some boat owners prefer to store their boat in one location year-round, while others like to take things season by season. The main perk of yearlong storage is that you don’t have to find and pay for a second type of storage. That being said, if you choose yearlong dry-boat storage, you may find it inconvenient to have to haul your boat out every time you want to use it. However, keeping your boat on a wet-slip year-round means it’ll be exposed to the elements 365 days a year.

Cost of location

Another factor to take into consideration is the area where you want to store your boat, as it can majorly contribute to the cost. In areas where the cost of living is lower, you can expect to pay less to store your boat. 


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