Garden equipment, including boots and gloves

5 Tips for Storing Lawn and Garden Equipment for the Season

Heading into the winter months, you’ll want your garage and shed space to keep your car dry and your winter gear within easy reach. When it’s too cold for gardening, an off-site storage unit is an ideal place to keep lawn and garden equipment. Here are some tips to help make the most of your space while keeping your tools in top condition for spring.

1. Winter-proof your large machines

Prepare fuel-powered machines like your lawn mower to sit idle for several months. Clean the mower, replace the filters, change the oil and sharpen the blades. Fuel may degrade over months of inactivity, so drain the tank or run the machine to empty. Remove the spark plug. Store the unit with a cover in a clean, dry location and safely away from any heat source.

2. Give your manual tools a tune-up

Tuning up your manual tools before winter will get them ready for action in the spring and protect them from a season of inactivity. After cleaning your items, sharpen blades with a metal file. Use sandpaper to remove rust, polish the metal and sand away splinters and chipped paint from wooden handles.

3. Keep everything off the floor

As a rule, keep something between your tools and the floor. It’ll protect your gear against pests and prevent clutter that can cause accidents. If you don’t have wall brackets to hang your tools, use large storage containers or even clean trash bins to declutter your storage space.

4. Seal off partially used packaged goods

If you’re storing unused quantities of soil or fertilizer, keep the materials in their original bags and seal them tightly in plastic bins or lidded buckets. Any dangerous goods should be sealed and stored in locked containers. Keep in mind, some materials shouldn't be kept in storage.

5. Play it safe with your gloves

Your gardening gloves are a small but essential consideration. Store your gloves in an air-tight bag or sealed container to keep tiny creatures away from them. Next spring, your fingers will thank you.


Storage Facilities in Mississauga and Surrounding Areas

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