Self Storage in Oakville

Free Up Space for Your Winter Vehicles – Store Your Recreational Vehicles in Self-Storage

Instead of letting motorcycles, off-roading vehicles, or even the RV take up space on your property and in the garage, why not store them securely in a self-storage unit? 

Storing these in a rental unit frees up your garage so that you can park your vehicle inside and save yourself the morning hassles of having to scrape off the ice and brush away snow piles.

The Benefits of Using Storage Units in Oakville, Burlington, and Guelph

When you find a convenient, safe, and secure location, you can reap the benefits of storing your recreational vehicles away from your property during the winter. Here are some reasons to consider storing your cars include:
  • Flexible Lease Terms: You will not need to lock into a long-term contract to store your recreational vehicles. Even better, if you do opt for a year-long contract, think of the versatility. First, you can store your motorcycles and other seasonal equipment throughout winter, but when summer comes around, you now can store your winter items and pull out the recreational items once again.
  • Secure Storage: Storing your RV, boat, motorcycle, and other recreational equipment on the side of your property might not be protected. A storage rental in Guelph offers 24-hour surveillance, keypad entry, and security that gives you added peace of mind.
  • Free Up Space at Home: It is easier to have a car warmed up and ready to drive in the winter from your garage than spending the extra time cleaning it off every morning. Furthermore, you have more storage space on the side of your property and in the driveway for holiday guests.

Prepare Your Vehicles before Using Self-Storage in Oakville, Burlington, and Guelph
While storage units in the Oakville area are undoubtedly convenient and cost-effective, you still need to ensure you do prep work so that your recreational vehicles are ready to go come spring.

  • Tips for Motorcycle Prep: Change the oil in your bike before storing it. Fresh oil means you are not storing your bike with contaminants throughout the winter. Also, fill your gas tank and use a fuel stabilizer. Refill your coolant and consider storing your bike with the tires off the ground to prevent flat spots. Lastly, wash and wax your motorcycle so that any grease, dirt, and debris do not have time to destroy your paint over winter.
  • Tips for Boats: Aside from the usual winter prep, make sure you have a weatherproof tarp that covers your boat well, especially if you select an outside storage lot. Climate controlled storage is better, and it will save you from some of the usual winterization steps too.
  • Tips for Classic Cars: Now that winter is here, you will not drive your classic car around the city. A climate-controlled unit is often best, especially with an expensive, irreplaceable vehicle. Get a good cover, top off fluids, and use any stabilizers you can to prevent buildup while your classic car sits for the season.

Find the Right Self-Storage or Mobile Storage in the Burlington Area Today

No matter what you plan to store, whether a bike or an RV, U-Need Storage can help. We offer secure, convenient storage with affordable rates. Our indoor seasonal parking is perfect for those who want to store their recreational vehicles indoors, but we also have outdoor storage lots for larger vehicles, such as RVs. Find the right storage option for your budget and your items by contacting U-Need Storage today. We are the go-to provider for storage units in Oakville, Burlington, and Guelph areas. Call toll-free at 866-486-9111 or request more information online.