Books and photo albums in storage cardboard boxes


Photos and books have sentimental and monetary value. Storing them in your garage, attic, or basement may subject them to moisture and fluctuating temperatures, which can damage them. Have you considered a climate-controlled self-storage unit to keep books and photos? Here’s how to store them safely.


Reasons to Use Self-storage for Photos and Books

There are many good reasons to use a household self-storage facility to keep your photos and books. Perhaps you’ve downsized or renovated and no longer have space for them in your home. If they have sentimental value, it’s a great way to keep them safe for children and grandchildren.

A climate-controlled environment is best for books that may be rare and valuable. It’ll protect your treasured items from the effects of humidity and temperature fluctuations.


Storing Books

If stored incorrectly, books can become warped, and the paper can get brittle. When storing your books in a climate-controlled self-storage unit, keep them 10 centimetres off the ground by using shelving or pallets. Also, keep the books away from ceilings and walls.


If using boxes, stack books flat with larger books on the bottom, or pack them with the spine facing down. Keep stacks no higher than 30 centimetres to prevent damage from the weight of books on top of each other.


If using shelving, store books upright and use bookends to prevent angling which can damage book spines.


Storing Photos

Photos can become faded, cracked, and brittle when exposed to light and humidity. Moreover, improper storage may cause creases and rips. Here are some tips to keep your treasured memories in good condition.

  • Make digital copies of all your paper photos and store them on a hard drive or cloud. The simplest way is to take photos of your photos using a digital camera.
  • Store your photos in plastic containers containing uncoated polyethylene, polypropylene, or polyester. Avoid containers with acidic linings, lignin, and PVC.
  • Don’t pack photos too tightly, as this can cause bending, creasing, and cracking.
  • Use acid-free photo albums.
  • Don’t use tape, paper clips, or rubber bands.
  • Choose a self-storage unit with no windows. Keep photos away from UV and fluorescent lights.


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