U Need Storage Boxes And Containers


Whether you’re closing up your home for an extended trip or clearing a room for a quick reno project, storing your belongings requires careful planning. You want to be sure your things will be safe and secure, and you want to be able to find what you need when the time comes. Your first consideration is what storage containers to use. Here’s a helpful guide to selecting the containers best suited to your storage needs.


Assess your needs

Think first about your plans for the items you want to store. If you’re tucking your household items away for a one-off event like a house move, you may prefer lightweight cardboard boxes that you can recycle. On the other hand, plastic containers are durable and reusable for longer-term storage or repeated seasonal use.

Do a quick quality check if you already have boxes or storage containers on hand. Any cracks, tears or water damage will leave your contents vulnerable.


Consider size, shape and weight

Assess the items you need to store for space and weight. Large containers are an efficient way to keep many lightweight things together. You should put heavier objects like books or dishes in smaller containers.

If you have any fragile or oddly shaped pieces, you can use specialty storage containers to keep these items safe. Use special containers to hold your artwork, rare dishes and electronics. Specially designed boxes will keep these items secure and make packing more manageable.


Choose cardboard or plastic

For short-term storage, cardboard boxes are recyclable, inexpensive and lightweight. Available in varying sizes with standardized dimensions, they’re easily stacked to maximize your storage space. If you expect more short-term storage needs in future, you can flatten the boxes and keep them for later use. Just keep them in good condition and store them in a dry space.

Plastic containers may be a more expensive option. Still, they can pay off in the long run because they better withstand heat and humidity and are less vulnerable to rodents and bugs. They’re stackable, and their sealable lids mean you don’t need packing tape. Plastic containers are especially advisable if you don’t plan to store them in a climate-controlled facility.


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