Self storage units


Even in this age of digital documents and cloud storage, individuals and businesses still accumulate boxes of essential papers, licenses, and certificates. Finding space to store these items is often a challenge. Here's why you should consider a self-storage facility to store documents and how to do it.


Advantages of Using Self-storage for Personal Documents

There are many benefits to using a self-storage unit to store crucial documents. It eliminates clutter from your home and makes your space more livable. If you’re moving or renovating, you have peace of mind, knowing your documents are safe. With 24/7 access to your unit, you can get them whenever a need arises.

Remember to choose a facility with keypad access, video surveillance, and secure fencing for maximum security.

If you have a business with boxes of sensitive papers, a commercial self-storage space is better than renting a warehouse because it's less expensive. You can pay month-to-month and don’t have to be bound to a long-term contract.


How to Store Personal Documents Safely

There are risks to using a self-storage unit for critical personal documents. For example, if liquids from a neighbouring unit spill and seep into your unit, your records could be ruined. That's why it's essential to prepare and store your documents correctly. Here are some tips.

  • Don't use cardboard boxes to store your papers; use plastic bins instead. Cardboard attracts moisture, insects, and rodents. Plus, cardboard isn't water-resistant. Plastic tubs are lightweight, easy to carry, and readily stackable.
  • Keep your plastic tubs at least 10 centimetres off the floor. Bring pallets or use plastic or metal shelving units to store your totes.
  • Choose a climate-controlled self-storage unit where the temperature and humidity levels are safe for papers, furniture, electronics, and musical instruments.
  • Use a safe inside your unit. Even though self-storage facilities have security cameras and locked gates, that added layer of security is worthwhile for tax information, financial statements, or medical records.

Experts recommend you don't place your will in a self-storage unit. If you pass away, facility management is forced to "overlock" your unit. No one will be allowed inside to retrieve your property, even if it includes your will.


Climate-controlled Self-storage in Milton, Guelph, Georgetown, Oakville, and Freelton

U-Need Storage has several locations where you can rent a climate-controlled indoor self-storage unit. We also offer units perfect for student use and outdoor parking facilities for cars, RVs, and boats. Contact us today to find a location near you and ask any questions about our storage facilities. We have 12 locations in southern Ontario, including Milton, Guelph, Mississauga, Georgetown, Oakville, and Freelton.