Self-storage in Oakville Ontario

The Ultimate Guide to Selecting Self-Storage

There comes a time in just about anyone’s life where they realize that the storage space they have at home will not suffice, and they need an off-site solution.

Whether you are looking for short-term or long-term storage, knowing how to shop can save you money and hassles later down the road. The team at U-Need Storage understands how many questions you might have as a first-time shopper, and we are here to help by providing you with this ultimate storage guide.

Your Step-by-Step Guidance for Self-Storage 

Ready to get a storage unit in the Burlington or Oakville area? Here is what you should do first before you sign any rental contracts:

  • Take a Tour of the Facility: You cannot blindly select a storage unit. Instead, ask for a tour. At U-Need Storage, our representatives are more than happy to take you out for a full property tour. Not only do we show you the units in your size, but the security, how to get around the property, and make sure you are comfortable and familiar with the grounds.
  • Review the Costs and Billing: No one wants unexpected fees or charges. Therefore, you should always review the contract and pricing carefully. Look at all monthly charges, taxes, surcharges, and additional expenses that increase your monthly rental amount. Ask about how billing works, whether you pay for the entire contract upfront or in monthly installments.
  • Review the Reviews: Most importantly, you need peer reviews that tell you what people think about the possible storage unit. Go over the reviews online, see what past customers have to say, and pay attention to issues about storage, security, or even unfair billing practices.
  • Ask Questions: You are storing your personal belongings and trusting someone else to keep them safe. Therefore, you should never be shy about asking questions. Discuss how the company operates, understand how inspections and maintenance is done, and even what the office staff hours are.
  • Determine the Size You Need: Many people buy too much storage space. You would be surprised at how much can fit in a smaller unit with proper packing. If you are unsure about size, ask a sales representative. They can take the square footage of the space you are storing and convert that into a unit size. You can also use the storage estimator on our website for a rough idea of how much space you need.
  • Consider Temperature Controlled: Do you need a temperature-controlled unit? Climate controlled means that the units are specifically monitored and maintained at a temperature that protects your stored items. Electronics and antiques are often the primary reason people opt for controlled temperatures because fluctuations can damage these delicate products.
  • Consider the Security Factor: A storage unit should be more than just a fence. You want one with keypad access, storage hours, video surveillance, and monitoring. You also wish to secure units that you lock and have key access to.

Ready to Use Self Storage in Oakville, Burlington, or Guelph?

Now is the perfect time to schedule a tour of the U-Need Storage grounds. We have multiple locations to serve you, including in Oakville, Georgetown, Guelph, and Mississauga.

Contact the storage facility closest to you for a tour of our facility. We can help you find the right storage unit based on your budget and overall storage needs.

Have questions? Let one of our friendly storage experts help answer them. Call toll-free at 866-486-9111 or request more information online.