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Tips and Tricks to Organize Your Self Storage Unit

It is important to properly organize your belongings in a storage unit to effectively utilize the storage space. Improperly packed and unorganized storage units make it difficult to find particular items when needed. U-Need Storage provides you with simple organizing tricks and packing hacks to manage your storage unit like a pro. We are available at multiple locations and offer storage units of different sizes, including on-site self-storage and mobile storage.

Organizing your storage unit is not a difficult task. Here are three simple points to ensure you do it in the most appropriate way:


1. Select a Suitable Storage Unit – The first step is to choose a self-storage unit that suits your requirements. Avoid choosing an extremely big unit or a very small one. This could result in you either ending up with a lot of empty space in your unit or having to throw away most of your stuff to meet the space requirements.

2. Pack Your Boxes Properly – The next important step is to pack your boxes in the right manner. Here are some factors to keep in mind:


a. Arrange Your Items in Categories – First, make an inventory of all items you want to store. Store similar items in the same box and label the boxes. It will be easy to locate items if you choose large labels and fonts. You can also click pictures and save them for your reference.


b. Pick Two Sizes of Boxes – It is better to pick, at the most, two sizes of boxes instead of multiple different sized boxes as this helps organise the space in a better way. You can place the smaller ones on top of the bigger ones, which will allow large sturdy boxes to hold the weight of the smaller ones.


c. Use Vacuum Seal Bags - If you are renting storage-units, consider wrapping your precious belongings in vacuum sealed bags. Keeping your valuables inside the vacuum seal bags ensures protection against mildew and mold.


d. Use Pallets - Use pallets to protect your storage items from water damages and to prevent pests from destroying your valuables.


e. Distribute Items Evenly in Boxes - Don’t pack all heavy materials in the same box. It makes lifting the boxes difficult. Place heavy objects at the bottom of the box and lighter items on top. This prevents light items from breaking under the pressure of heavy objects. You can also cover fragile items in a bubble wrap and tape padding to avoid damages.


f. Avoid Plastic Bags - Plastic covers increase the chances of mold growth. Instead, cover your belongings in a cotton cloth or bed sheet.


g. Seal the Boxes - Seal the boxes properly so nothing comes out of them or goes in.


3. Arrange Boxes the Correct Way – Here are tips to place all boxes smartly in the storage unit:


a. Place Usable Items in Front - While storing packed boxes in your unit, place heavy items towards the back. The items you wish to access in the near future should be kept in the front row of your storage unit.


b. Stack the Boxes - Stacking your boxes on a level surface by using pallets is important to maintain easy accessibility. Don’t stack boxes above 5 feet and avoid overloading your items.


c. Arrange Boxes Properly for Easy Access - Arrange boxes in rows in such a way that you have aisles in between for easy access. Place the label side of the box in front.


d. Protect From Infestation - Use moisture absorbers, mothballs and rodent baits to protect your belongings from infestation. Also, never store any food or beverages in your unit. Apart from attracting insects and rodents, they will decay and become smelly.


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