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Research shows that many workers become less productive when working in cluttered workspaces. The amount of space available greatly impacts the satisfaction of the person occupying a room. When decluttering your business space, some items will end up in a self-store. Moving items not in use to storage is one way to create space. It's advisable to know what items you expect to pack when moving. Also, learning how to pack items for storage will prevent damaging them. Read to learn about packing the six most stored items.

1. House Accessories and glassware

House accessories such as ornaments and vases are common for storage. There may be cases where you don't want to dispose of your old pots and pans. Cleaning them before packing for storage will prevent items like glass from getting mouldy. Using a paper towel to wrap crockery is another tip that will protect your glasses from damage.

It is recommended to use medium-sized boxes to move glassware with ease. Layer the bottom of the box with several sheets of packing paper. The paper prevents your items from directly hitting the ground when put down.


2. Home appliances

Microwaves, refrigerators, and vacuum cleaners are some of the appliances we are talking about. They may have loose parts that need wrapping with a bubble wrapper. Use breathable sheets to cover these appliances. Tie up any cords with cable ties and place only clean attachments inside the appliance. All items should be completely dry before storage to avoid rust and bad odour.


3. Archival data

Key business files and documents need safekeeping through commercial storage. Milton self-storage units will give space and easy accessibility of information. Containers that are airtight aid in preventing mildew. High humidity will cause mildew, and thus controlling the climate is vital. Putting labels on your packing containers and keeping boxes off the floor are other tips for packaging files.


4. Vehicles

If you are going on a vacation or business trip, you may need to store your car well. A car cover protects it from direct sunlight and other extreme climatic conditions. Clean your car before storing it to keep pests away and avoid corrosion, mould, and rot. When storing a vehicle, you'll need to control the climate of the storage area to avoid humidity damage. Besides, we recommend adding a stabilizer to preserve its fuel system if it stays in storage for a long time.


5. Furniture

When storing wooden furniture, it's advisable to wax the surface to avoid damaging the finish. You can also use bubble wrap and tissue to prevent denting or scratching. The furniture fabric should be clean and dry to avoid mould growth. To further protect it, use furniture covers. If possible, use professional service providers to preserve and clean your furniture.


6. Seasonal items

You can keep your memories by storing seasonal items such as Christmas decorations. For small items, we recommend boxing them. You can use boxes that have been used before to pack such items. Remove the gift wrapper and use a packaging material instead. Items such as lights should not be tangled. Use a paper tube and secure the ends to keep them organized. Also, always keep fragile items on top of the box.



Now you know the most stored items alongside the best ways to pack them. Implementing these tips will reduce stress while storing and even save you time.

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