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  • store collection
    5 popular kinds of collections and how to store them

    If you’re a collector, you probably already know that safely storing your items is key. However, the best way to keep them depends on what precisely you’re collecting.

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  • safe storage lock
    7 tips to keep your belongings safe while they’re in storage

    If you want to keep your belongings in a storage unit, there are steps you should take to ensure they remain safe. Here are some tips for keeping your items protected.


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  • climate controlled storage
    Do I need a climate-controlled storage unit?

    If you’re looking for self-storage solutions, you’ll find that many companies offer climate-controlled units. Are you wondering whether you need one? Here’s what you should know. 


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  • car indoor parking
    Tips for preparing your car for long term storage

    If you want to put your car in long-term storage, you should know there’s more involved than simply locking the doors and walking away. This is because leaving a car parked for an extended period of time with no preparation can cause engine damage. Additionally, it can leave your ride with flat tires and make it vulnerable to pests. Therefore, it’s important that you properly prepare in order to avoid. Here’s what you should do. 



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  • self - storage
    How Much Self-storage Do I Need?

    It’s the first question to ask yourself when renting on-site self-storage units. What size unit do I really need? Storage containers come in many different sizes, so what is the right size for you? Here, we break it down in an easy-to-understand guide that’ll give you a pretty good idea of what you need:

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  • Business self-storage unit
    5 Types of Small Businesses You Can Run Using a Self-storage Unit

    Using a self-storage container unit for your small business can save you money while giving you more storage and inventory space. No, you can’t set up a desk and a phone or a workshop inside a storage unit, but you can strategically use storage containers to efficiently run a number of small businesses. Here are five of them.

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  • Safely store furniture
    How to Safely Store Furniture So It Doesn’t Scuff, Stain, Scratch or Smell

    Packing furniture into a self-storage container unit may sound simple, but if not done correctly, your things could get damaged. Whether you’re storing your stuff for weeks, months, or years, here are some ways you can make sure your furniture comes out of storage looking as good as when it went in

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  • man taping the box
    5 Things You Should Never Put in Storage

    If you rent a self-storage container, you should know that there are rules regarding what you can legally and safely store. Additionally, some items shouldn’t be kept in storage because it’s a bad idea. Here are five things you should never put in a storage unit. 

    @WB: Link: self-storage container> On-Site Self Storage   (subpage of Products & Services)

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  • Moving and Packing
    Moving and Packing Tips for a Stress-Free Move

    About half of Canadian households have moved within the past five years or intend to. There's a lot of movement happening, and with moving comes stress. Luckily, there are ways to make your move less stressful.

    Use our guide to learn about tips on using storage units in Milton to make your move a stress-free one.

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  • storage units
    Four Ways to Save Money on Self-Storage

    Lack of storage space is a common problem that many people are plagued by today. It forces people to discard a lot of stuff that they could potentially make use of in the future. Don’t let the lack of storage space make you dispose of things that you’ll have to buy again later.

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  • Student storage
    Student Storage: A Comprehensive Study of Its Benefits

    Storage of belongings can be a significant worry for students, especially between semester finals and social events. Not all students can haul their belongings in cars. Many have to plan carefully to store their belongings. U-NEED Storage provides convenient student storage services to college students. Inform us your requirement, so that we can provide the most suitable storage option for you.

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  • Storage Units
    Tips and Tricks to Organize Your Self Storage Unit

    It is important to properly organize your belongings in a storage unit to effectively utilize the storage space. Improperly packed and unorganized storage units make it difficult to find particular items when needed. U-Need Storage provides you with simple organizing tricks and packing hacks to manage your storage unit like a pro. We are available at multiple locations and offer storage units of different sizes, including on-site self-storage and mobile storage.

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  • Storage unit
    Smart Storage Ideas for Small Space Living

    Storing your essentials in a small space is challenging. Whether you are moving to a new city or renovating your house, storing your extra furniture and possessions in a safe place can put your mind at ease. Instead of having a garage sale and getting rid of your items, you can store seasonal items, extra vehicles or excess student gear in storage units. Rely on U-Need Storage for all your storage needs. We have been providing onsite self-storage, container sales and packing supplies since 2004.

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  • storage unit
    What Is a Portable Storage Container?

    A storage unit is a place in which you can store belongings that aren’t needed for the time being. While this is a concept you’re likely already familiar with, you might be less well-acquainted with their portable counterparts.Portable storage containers, which are large rectangular boxes, are on the rise in popularity due to the fact that they offer all the benefits of a regular unit, with the added perk of being delivered right to your front door.

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  • Onsite self-storage
    How Much Does Climate Controlled Storage Cost?

    Storage units are beneficial for a wide range of factors. You may be downgrading to a smaller space or may need space for your RV between trips. A cost-effective climate controlled storage unit is always popular for its many benefits. Since the temperature and humidity are controlled throughout the year, items don’t develop mould or rot. You can consider temperature-sensitive items like wooden or leather objects, fine arts and electronics for such storage. U-NEED Storage has onsite self-storage units available at multiple locations.

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  • Self Storage Oakville
    Ready to Move Your Items to Self-Storage? Pack Correctly to Avoid any Hassles

    Self-storage units are convenient, and the ideal way to store just about anything you need. While there are plenty of items you can store, there are also restrictions. Review your contract carefully with your storage units in Oakville for a complete list of what is not allowed on the property.

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  • Self-storage in Oakville Ontario
    The Ultimate Guide to Selecting Self-Storage

    There comes a time in just about anyone’s life where they realize that the storage space they have at home will not suffice, and they need an off-site solution.

    Whether you are looking for short-term or long-term storage, knowing how to shop can save you money and hassles later down the road. The team at U-Need Storage understands how many questions you might have as a first-time shopper, and we are here to help by providing you with this ultimate storage guide.

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  • Self Storage in Milton
    Could Your Small Business Benefit from Self-Storage?

    Your office location feels cramped. You find yourself winding through mazes of boxes, storage cabinets, and the clutter is affecting your productivity. 

    If you are like most small businesses, you lack the square footage to store everything in-house. While the option of moving to a bigger location and taking on a bigger lease payment is unrealistic, what about using self-storage instead?

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  • Self Storage in Oakville
    Free Up Space for Your Winter Vehicles – Store Your Recreational Vehicles in Self-Storage

    Instead of letting motorcycles, off-roading vehicles, or even the RV take up space on your property and in the garage, why not store them securely in a self-storage unit? 

    Storing these in a rental unit frees up your garage so that you can park your vehicle inside and save yourself the morning hassles of having to scrape off the ice and brush away snow piles.

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  • Public storage in Oakville and Burlington Ontario
    Decluttering Your House With Public & Self-Storage Units

    Everyone has a little extra ‘stuff’ lying around. This stuff, coupled with that disorganization, equals clutter. 

    Clutter is anything you’re keeping around your house that doesn’t add value to your life. Clutter, however you define it, can also be bad for your health. According to Psychology Today, people tend to feel like life is out of control when they surround themselves with more things than they can manage.

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  • Outdoor storage in Guelph
    Call U-NEED Storage For Outdoor Storage

    Canada is a four season playground and to fully enjoy all that play time, Canadians have also amassed a lot of big toys, including cars, recreational vehicles, caravans and trailers, boats and all types of watercraft, all-terrain vehicles and snowmobiles. 

    In the off seasons we also need a safe and reliable place to store them. To determine what kind of storage will best suit your needs, it’s important to understand the different units that are available, beginning with the difference between indoor and outdoor storage units.

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  • Storage units in Oakville and the GTA
    ​Get the Most Out of Your Storage Units

    Effectively maximizing the space in one of our self storage units in Oakville—or elsewhere in southern Ontario —is usually a skill that’s acquired only after much trial and error. Thankfully, you can benefit from the wisdom of our experience. Here are our top tips for safely and effectively using your storage unit to the max.

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  • Portable Storage in Oakville
    Portable Storage

    As Canadians, we like our stuff. Equally, as a society – beginning with our indigenous peoples, followed by the coureur des bois, straight through today’s digital age – we like to move around. Coupled, it means finding a place to store our stuff while we are wondering about.

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