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Although an ever-increasing number of business files never leave the digital realm, there are still many reasons to produce paper records. Moreover, many individuals and businesses have a substantial legacy of files that must be protected. In either case, knowing how to keep your business files safe while in storage is crucial. This way, you can be confident they’ll be there when you need them. Here are four tips to help you safely store your most important business files.

1. Sort your files It’s important to sort through your files and decide what to keep and what to throw away. The less you store, the less you’ll have to worry about and the better you’ll be able to protect your documents. Taking the time to separate the proverbial wheat from the chaff will pay major dividends in both safety and long-term costs. 2. Keep things organized Once you’ve gotten rid of what you don’t need, the next step is to get organized. Make sure everything is labelled, both outside and inside your boxes. Furthermore, use folders to keep related documents together. It’s a good idea to use coloured folders to visually distinguish between different kinds of documents. 3.Invest in a secure unit It’s important to ensure the facility where you’ll be storing your files is secure. For example, look for a gated facility with state-of-the-art video surveillance like U-Need Storage. Although you may be tempted to rent a cheaper, less secure option, if something were to go wrong, the price difference would be inconsequential in comparison to your losses. 4. Be mindful about climate control Make sure the storage unit you choose has effective climate control. Given the high humidity in Southern Ontario in the summer, ensuring your files stay dry is essential. If you have your doubts, bring in a humidity tester on a hot summer day to ensure the relative humidity in your storage unit is between 40 and 55 percent. There should also be proper ventilation to prevent harmful compounds such as mould spores, ozone or nitrogen oxide from damaging your files. Lastly, don’t leave your business files in cardboard boxes or plastic bins sitting on the ground. Instead, store them on shelving units. This will ensure your documents are safe if there’s a flood.



U-Need Storage offers secure climate-controlled, indoor self-storage facilities throughout the GTA. Whether you need to store a boat or a bed, we have a unit to suit your needs. We serve customers in Milton, Guelph, Georgetown, Mississauga, Oakville and beyond. Contact us today for more information.


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