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Tips for Making the Most of Your Mobile Storage Container

Mobile containers are a moving and storage system that allows you to drop off, pick up, and transport your belongings. A storage container can be used as a moving truck and storage unit all in one.

Mobile containers are a great alternative to renting a moving truck for your upcoming move for many reasons:

  • Convenient: pack the mobile storage container, we move it and you unpack it.
  • No worries for renting or driving a big moving truck.
  • The mobile containers remain at ground level for easy loading and unloading.
  • On your schedule: pack and unpack at your schedule.
  • Only you have a key to your mobile container, which means you are always in full control of your possessions.
  • Mobile storage containers are very cost-effective.

Maximizing Mobile Container Space

Make sure the mobile container is tightly packed and all items are secured. Fill any voids or spaces in the mobile container with cardboard, pillows, towels, blankets, empty boxes, or paper, to minimize movement inside the container.

Loading the Storage Container

It is a good idea to wrap all of your furniture and upholstered items in shrink-wrap to make them easier to move. This also helps protect your goods. You should make sure your furniture is clean, dry, and well protected while being stored or transported in the mobile storage container.

Pack furniture first and use the furniture as your base. It is easier to add boxes to a mobile container than it is to add furniture, once the container is packed. Make sure to get all big and heavy items into the container first, and then pack the lighter items on top of them.

Sealing Your Mobile Container

Before sealing your mobile container, remember you are the only one with a key for the mobile container. Make sure everything is tightly packed, clean, and dry.

Consider leaving an open box of baking soda in the mobile container to absorb any odors that may form inside the container.

Permission from the Town

If you are planning to leave your mobile container in your driveway for a few days, weeks or months, while you pack up your house and load the unit, call your town and make sure that you do not need any special permits to leave a storage container in front of your house or apartment, in your driveway, or in your yard.

Mobile Containers Are for More Than Moving

Mobile containers can be used for more than just moving. Mobile containers can be a simple solution to many other home needs, such as home renovation, painting, collecting, storing unused items, and more.

If you are planning work on the interior of your house, condo, or apartment, call for pricing on a mobile container. U-NEED Storage will usually offer next-day delivery and allow you to leisurely pack items while performing home renovations.

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