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Due to the growing demand of homeowners and renters with too much stuff, it's expected that by 2026, the self-storage market should reach a value of $64.71 billion. If you find yourself among this group, you're not alone. 

People rely on storage units to keep their belongings safe and out of their homes when there simply isn't enough room. 

However, there are certain rules regarding the contents allowed in storage. Each company has its own list of items, so be sure to read over the provided list. That said, these five items are always prohibited.


1. Hazardous Materials

Topping the list is one that comes up quite often. You can't use your storage unit to keep any of the following:

  • Fireworks

  • Fertilizer

  • Gasoline

  • Grease

  • Compressed gas

  • Acid

  • Paint

  • Narcotics

  • Propane tanks

  • Kerosene

In short, never store flammable, combustible, or toxic items. 

These are only a few of the many items that the storage company considers dangerous, so be sure to check the list they provide or on their website. 

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2. Anything Living or Dead

Never store anything living in storage units. This includes people, plants, ashes, and animals. 

It's illegal for anyone to inhabit a storage unit, but it does happen. A few years ago, a man in Vancouver illegally converted his storage unit into a home, even making YouTube videos about it. He was kicked out when it was discovered. 

Never keep anything living in your unit. Even plants become an issue, as they produce moisture that contributes to mould and mildew.


3. Wet Items

Adding onto the last point, any wet items need to be kept away from your self-storage unit. This includes surfboards, kayaks, boats, etc. 

Wet items can result in mildew and mould growth, which not only smells terrible but can ruin your belongings. Mould also spreads and can be an issue in storage facilities where you share close space with other units. 

Once your boat has been dried and prepared for the off-season, you can find boat storage in Milton through us.


4. Money

You shouldn't store currency in your storage unit, regardless of what you might see in TV shows or movies. Your cash is much safer in a bank deposit box, where it will be far better protected. 

Yes, storage facilities take certain measures to keep items secure, but currency and priceless items will always be more at risk. 

If you're storing antiques, consider protecting them by investing in a climate-controlled option. Ask about our climate-controlled indoor storage unit in Mississauga.


5. Uninsured or Unregistered Vehicles

Again, this one is quite common. While many storage companies offer vehicle storage, that doesn't mean it's a way to hide vehicles that haven't been registered or insured. 

That said, if your vehicle is properly registered and insured, you should consider self-storage. We offer plenty of options here, such as vehicle storage in Oakville or RV storage in Georgetown.



Self-storage makes a convenient way to store belongings that won't fit at home, but you need to follow the rules set forth by your storage company. When using storage units, avoid these five items. 

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