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5 Types of Small Businesses You Can Run Using a Self-storage Unit

Using a self-storage container unit for your small business can save you money while giving you more storage and inventory space. No, you can’t set up a desk and a phone or a workshop inside a storage unit, but you can strategically use storage containers to efficiently run a number of small businesses. Here are five of them.

1. Online Sales Small retailers who sell online don’t necessarily need their own expensive warehouses or offices. Business owners can store inventory in a storage unit for a fraction of the cost and still be able to access their products at any time. With a storage container, you can manage what’s coming in and out, pack items and print address labels. 2. Trades Independent plumbers, carpenters or electricians can keep their work-life separate from their home-life by storing tools and small machinery in a storage unit. Organize all your small parts, hardware and tools in a container so that you don’t overcrowd your garage. Your equipment will be secure and accessible 24 hours a day, so you can still respond quickly to those late-night emergencies. 3. Videographers/Photographers A climate-controlled storage container unit is the perfect place to keep expensive video and audio equipment. Lights, cameras and editing stations need protection from humidity and temperature fluctuations, and climate-controlled units can provide a safe place for this specialized equipment. 4. Antique/Furniture Dealers A storage container unit gives furniture and antique dealers a lot more flexibility for making purchases and sales. The ability to safely store larger or bulky items can give you more confidence when considering that once-in-a-lifetime purchase. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your valuable collection is safely stored in a climate-controlled space. 5. Book Dealers/Publishers Successful book dealers can quickly accumulate a lot of books, and books take up space. Like furniture dealers and photographers, climate-controlled storage units can protect inventory. It allows you to make smart, potentially profitable purchases without worrying about where to put them. Do’s and Don’ts Remember, commercial storage units are different from regular storage units and come with different rules. Be sure to ask the facility manager before conducting in-person sales, operating machinery or tools, or running extra wiring. If you’re a small business owner working out of your home or other small space, U-NEED Storage can help by providing you with a commercial storage unit. We offer a flat monthly rate and the flexibility to upgrade or downsize as your business requirements change. U-Need Storage has 10 locations in the GTA. Contact us today to get a free estimate on a storage unit or find out more about our services.


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