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A Guide on How to Store Cigars With or Without a Humidor

Did you know that cigars used to be prizes at fairs? In fact, that is where the phrase "close but no cigar" comes from.


To this day, cigar owners treat their collections as prizes. If you have a lot of cigars to store, reading this blog can help.


Keep reading to learn tips on storing cigars with or without a humidor.



If you are using self-storage for your cigars, you'll want the unit to be about 70 degrees with 70% humidity. 


Fluctuations in temperature or humidity can negatively impact a cigar's ability to burn effectively and taste good.


There are some myths about how to store cigars, such as the spongier or softer a cigar is, the better. Softness does not indicate that the cigar is fresh.


A cigar that is too soft or moist won't burn correctly and might come with other issues.


Take note of the condition of the cigar when you purchase it. This is about the same condition you'll want to keep it in until you are ready to smoke it.



The purpose of a humidor is that it maintains a stable temperature and humidity levels. With the use of a humidor, your cigars keep the integrity they were made to deliver as they age.

A humidor is basically a wooden box with a lid or door that seals moisture inside to keep your cigars humidified.


If you don't have climate-controlled storage, adding a humidor to your unit can create optimal conditions for cigars. A good humidor promotes aging and extends the longevity of all types of cigars.


Pro tip: If you plan to age your cigars for weeks or months before smoking them, it's recommended to remove the plastic wrapper. If you are traveling with cigars, leave the cellophane on.



Although you can store cigars with a humidor, there are practical methods for storing cigars without a humidor.


As long as you seal the environment shut after finding a humidification source, you can store cigars without a humidor. Some of the most common alternatives are:

  • Plastic bag and humidification pack

  • Tupperware and sponge

  • A coolerdor

You can find simple solutions with things you have at home like mason jars and Ziploc bags.

Although a humidor is a wooden box, you should not place premium cigars in other wooden boxes for storage. Most boxes won't function as a humidor does.


For example, if your cigars come in a wooden box, don't keep them in there. The original box won't keep your cigars fresh after a few days from the purchase.



If you have a lot of cigars and no place to store them, consider using self-storage in Milton. Storage units can be climate-controlled to help preserve the life of your cigars.


Using a humidor for storage is recommended, but there are alternative solutions that can help your cigars age like fine wine.


Use this guide for tips and contact us today to learn more about our self-storage solutions.


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