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How Much Does Climate Controlled Storage Cost?

Storage units are beneficial for a wide range of factors. You may be downgrading to a smaller space or may need space for your RV between trips. A cost-effective climate controlled storage unit is always popular for its many benefits. Since the temperature and humidity are controlled throughout the year, items don’t develop mould or rot. You can consider temperature-sensitive items like wooden or leather objects, fine arts and electronics for such storage. U-NEED Storage has onsite self-storage units available at multiple locations.

Why Will I Need Storage?

A storage unit is helpful in several scenarios. Some are mentioned below.

Moving out of state

Shifting to a smaller office or house

Business expansion

Place to store leisure items like your RV

Selling your home

Decluttering your space

The Important Factors Which Influence the Rates

The key to finding the best onsite self-storage unit is to evaluate which specifications are right for you. In general, self-storage units cost $20 to $450 per month but vary depending on a number of factors. For example, when it is climate controlled, you may expect a $25 to $50 increase in the charges. Here are a few factors which add to the costs:

If the place is in the middle of a major city, it will cost more than the ones on the outskirts.

Apart from climate control, features like drive-up, indoor and 24-hour access facilities also increase the cost.

The amount of days or months you rent the unit contributes to the cost directly. Some units are available on a month-to-month basis while others may be available under different schemes.

The larger the self-storage unit, the more the cost. Various sizes are available and you can choose what you need. Mostly, they are available in:

5’ x 5’

5’ x 10’

10’ x 10’

10’ x 15’

10’ x 20’

If you want to decrease costs, reduce the space requirement by filtering the objects you don’t need to store.

If you include services like pick-up and delivery, the cost increases.

If you want your facility to help you sign up with a storage insurance provider, there will be additional costs.

Finding the Right Storage Unit for You

At U-NEED Storage, you can provide us with a written quote of rates for the storage-type you are looking for and we guarantee to offer you a better rate with no hidden fees. So, don’t wait for long and contact us for onsite self-storage facilities, climate controlled units and vehicle storage.


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