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How Much Self-storage Do I Need?

It’s the first question to ask yourself when renting on-site self-storage units. What size unit do I really need? Storage containers come in many different sizes, so what is the right size for you? Here, we break it down in an easy-to-understand guide that’ll give you a pretty good idea of what you need:

1-bedroom Apartment/Dorm Room: 8' x 5' (40 sq. ft.) This is the size of a large walk-in closet or a small bathroom, which will hold roughly 15 boxes or totes, or a queen mattress set, dresser and TV—basically, the equivalent of what you can pack into a truck or SUV. 2-bedroom Apartment: 8' x 10' (80 sq. ft.) or 8' x 15' (120 sq. ft.) The 80 sq. ft. unit is about the size of an average bedroom or a small one-car garage. It can store two bedroom sets and some living room furniture. If there are appliances and dining room furniture and/or a lot of boxes, you may want to consider upsizing to a 120 sq. ft. unit. 2 or 3-bedroom House: 8' x 20' (160 sq. ft.) The is the equivalent of a standard one-car garage and will easily hold three bedroom furniture sets, plus some living room furniture, such as a sofa and dining room tables and chairs and appliances. 5-bedroom House: 8' x 40’ (320 sq. ft.) This is the largest unit available and will store the content of a large 5-bedroom home. This unit is also necessary for vehicle storage, such as an RV, boat. It is roughly the size of a one-and-a-half car garage. Climate Controlled Storage Units Storing wood and upholstered furniture and/or clothing? We suggest renting a climate-controlled self-storage unit. These regulate humidity levels. Rapid rises and drops in temperature and humidity can cause wood to swell and rot, and attracts mould and mildew on clothing and upholstery. Controlling the climate inside the unit will protect your property. Helpful Tip Disassembling your furniture (beds, desks, tables and chairs) will allow you to pack much more efficiently and fit more into your unit. It will also better protect your belongings from scratches and dings. U-NEED storage has a variety of self-storage, mobile storage, and vehicle storage units available. We also offer indoor and outdoor parking, equipment sales and packing supplies. Contact us today to discuss your storage needs. With locations in Mississauga, Milton, Stoney Creek, Guelph, Georgetown, Freelton and Oakville, there is a U-NEED Storage facility available near you.


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