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How to Safely Store Furniture So It Doesn’t Scuff, Stain, Scratch or Smell

Packing furniture into a self-storage container unit may sound simple, but if not done correctly, your things could get damaged. Whether you’re storing your stuff for weeks, months, or years, here are some ways you can make sure your furniture comes out of storage looking as good as when it went in

Clean Thoroughly cleaning your furniture may be the most critical step. Dirty furniture can attract mould and mildew, which will make your stuff smell and damage the material. Bits of food trapped in sofas or loveseats will also attract rodents and pests. For wood furniture, use a gentle soap and water or a special wood soap to protect the finish. Use fabric cleaner for upholstery, but make sure everything has thoroughly dried before packing it away because mildew can form on even slightly damp materials. Polish any metal pieces with metal polish and a clean cloth, and remove any bits of rust to prevent further oxidization. Disassemble Taking apart your bigger pieces will save space and make packing easier. It will also help prevent scratches and dings. Bookshelves, bed frames, desks, tables and chairs can all be taken apart with a screwdriver or drill set. Put screws, nuts and bolts in a bag, label it, and attach it to the piece it came from. You can also take a photo or two as you take it apart so you can remember how to put it back together again. Cover and Protect Now that everything is clean and disassembled, it’s time to wrap everything up. Use old sheets or blankets to cover your pieces. Cloth allows air to flow and helps keep things dry. If you use plastic sheets, don’t wrap them too tightly. It can lead to condensation and mildew and can cause wood to rot, swell or turn colour. Cover the Floor Cover the floor of your storage unit with a durable plastic sheet or tarp. Most units have concrete floors to prevent moisture from entering your storage unit and potentially damaging your things. Better yet, use wooden palettes or cinder blocks to raise your furniture off the floor altogether. Renting a climate-controlled storage unit will ensure that there are regulated humidity levels and will help keep everything as pristine as the day it went in. Storage Units in the Greater Toronto Area U-NEED Storage provides a variety of storage solutions. We have 10 locations in the GTA, so there’s bound to be a U-NEED close by. Contact us today for on-site, mobile or climate-controlled storage.


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