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Wooden furniture can last decades when stored in the right environment. However, it can become severely damaged if stored improperly, even for a few weeks. Here are a few expert tips for storing your valuable wood furniture.

1. Clean and empty it First, clean your wood furniture and remove anything from inside the drawers or cabinets. Then, wipe it down with a dry cloth, followed by a gentle wood cleaner. Let the furniture sit in a well-ventilated area until it dries. Over time, even the tiniest bit of moisture can cause mould growth and discolouration. 2. Protect it Wood doesn’t take kindly to extreme temperature changes. Fluctuating temperatures can cause your wood furniture to crack, swell, shrink or split. Therefore, it’s good to apply a coat of wax or furniture polish to seal the wood. Do this a few weeks before putting your furniture in storage. 3. Disassemble it If you’re storing large items, it’s best to disassemble them. For example, take the drawers out of dressers, remove legs from tables and chairs, take the headboards and footboards off bed frames and unscrew the shelves from bookcases. This will make them easier to pack and transport. 4. Cover it If you want to protect your wood furniture from scratches and fading, it’s wise to cover it. However, wood needs to breathe. Therefore, instead of thick plastic sheeting or bubble wrap, loosely cover your wood furniture with cotton sheets or drop cloths. That’ll keep dirt and dust off your valuables while allowing air to circulate freely. It’s also good to lay down thick plastic sheeting underneath your wood furniture. The plastic acts as a barrier between the floor and wood, keeping your furniture safe and dry. 5. Elevate it It’s best to raise your wooden furniture using pallets, plywood or cinder blocks. This’ll ensure your furniture won’t get damaged by flooding or leached moisture. Lastly, if you’re serious about maintaining the integrity of your wood furniture while in storage, choose a space with a controlled climate like an air-conditioned storage unit. Too little humidity can cause wood to crack, while too much can cause it to warp and change shape.

Container Storage in Milton and Oakville

At U-Need Storage, we have 12 storage facilities across the Greater Toronto Area, including Georgetown and Mississauga. We have long-term, seasonal and month-to-month climate-controlled units ideal for storing wood furniture. Contact us today to find out more about how you can rent a self-storage unit today. We serve individuals and businesses in Guelph, Freelton and the surrounding areas.


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