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Portable Storage

As Canadians, we like our stuff. Equally, as a society – beginning with our indigenous peoples, followed by the coureur des bois, straight through today’s digital age – we like to move around. Coupled, it means finding a place to store our stuff while we are wondering about.

Whether you’re downsizing your living space or coping with a cluttered home, using a storage provider can help you manage the mountain of things you want to keep. Fortunately, U-NEED Storage offers eight locations servicing Milton/Acton, Oakville/Burlington, Georgetown/Brampton, Halton Hills/Mississauga, Freelton/Waterdown, and Guelph/Cambridge that provide secure, convenient, and affordable on-site self-storage, portable storage, outdoor storage and parking, and indoor seasonal parking. Since the introduction of portable containers to the market, consumers and businesses have more options than ever. For storing and moving, portable storage containers have become popular because they provide an alternative to traditional full-service moving companies. Rather than renting a moving truck and hiring movers, mobile storage firms bring the portable storage container to you - for packing at your pace or have a moving team do it - and when full the container can be left on-site or the provider can store it at their facility, before shipping to a specified location. It is crucial to consider your options and pick the solution that is right for you before getting quotes for storage services. The other option, storing and staying allows for easy access in and out of the container if you have available space on your property and you often need to access your stuff. Portable storage containers provide an extremely convenient solution for short- and long-term renovations or restoration of your home, business, or recreational property. However, if intend to leave your portable storage container on your property for a few days, weeks, or months call your town and inquire if any special permits are required. Whether it moving or renovating, you need to ensure that all items are secured and packed tightly - fill any voids or spaces in the mobile container with cardboard, pillows, towels, blankets, empty boxes, or paper, to minimize movement inside the container – and the potential for damage to your stuff. Wrapping all of your furniture and upholstered items in shrink-wrap makes them easier to move and helps protect your goods. Pack all big and heavy items into the container first, using furniture first as your base and then pack the lighter items on top of them. Consider leaving an open box of baking soda in the portable container to absorb any odors that may form. Make sure everything is tightly packed, clean, and dry before sealing it - and remember, you are the only one with a key. The popularity of using mobile storage has risen dramatically over the past few years because of the considerable convenience they offer including the wide range of sizes, direct delivery, and relaxed packing with local and long distance delivery available, as well as being structurally sound and weatherproof. At U-NEED Storage, we’re here to answer your questions regarding on-site self-storage, mobile storage, and outdoor parking and storage. Call U-NEED Storage at 905-878-9111 or toll-free at 1-866-486-9111, text at 905-876-8195, email us using our convenient eform today. Established in 2004, U-NEED Storage is owned and operated by family-owned business the Durante Group of Companies.


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