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Ready to Move Your Items to Self-Storage? Pack Correctly to Avoid any Hassles

Self-storage units are convenient, and the ideal way to store just about anything you need. While there are plenty of items you can store, there are also restrictions. Review your contract carefully with your storage units in Oakville for a complete list of what is not allowed on the property.

These rules are not designed to be an inconvenience, but they are what helps ensure that the stored items remain safe in the storage rental unit. What You Should Never Pack in Storage Units in Oakville No matter what, there are a few items that should never be kept in a storage unit. These are a serious health and fire hazard, and include:

  • Toxic Materials or Hazardous Chemicals: While you might already assume this, there are some poisonous materials that you cannot store that might not be on your list of the obvious, such as petrol or gas. Even empty gasoline containers should not be stored, because they still contain residue that can ignite. Also, cleaning solvents, corrosive materials, paints, and any product with alcohol content.

  • Guns and Weapons: Most storage units specifically prohibit the storage of any firearms, ammunition, and weapons. Even if they are unloaded, they have no place in a public storage unit.

  • Perishable Goods: While the units are controlled temperature-wise, you still should not place any perishable items in your storage unit, especially those that you would like to consume. Instead, these should be stored at home to avoid any potential temperature fluctuations that could make the food spoil. Keep in mind that the smell of food is always a magnet for drawing in critters!

  • Explosives: Explosives are not just the illegal kind, but also items like fireworks that could explode if they were to encounter a spark. Furthermore, batteries cannot be stored inside a storage unit, so remove batteries from any products you have, and do not store unopened battery packs either.

Tips for Packing Your Items Right for Storage Whether you are doing long-term storage, or you need a short-term solution while you work out living arrangements, packing your products right the first time will protect them in transit and during their storage period. Here are a few quick tips when packing:

  • Use cushioning materials for items that are fragile. These will keep the pressure consistent on the product and remove weight off it so that it does not shatter when being stored.

  • Be creative when packing and try to minimize movement inside each box. You can crumple paper to fill in the gaps, use bubble wrap, or even use fabric fillers.

  • Consider the weight of each box and how you will store it in the unit. You need to stack your boxes, which means if you have nothing but cumbersome boxes, your stacking cannot go as high.

  • Remember that you still need to move these boxes and possibly retrieve them later to relocate. Make sure they are still a size for an individual to carry reasonably without injury. Avoid overpacking which might force the bottom of the box to give out.

Choose the Right Option for You with Storage Units in Oakville, Burlington, and Guelph U-Need Storage is your go-to provider for mobile storage, in-house storage, and even commercial product storage. Whether you need to store items while preparing for a move, want to downsize, or your child is going off to college and needs a secure place to keep their belongings, we have various storage unit sizes and contract lengths to suit any need. Explore your contract options and find the right self-storage here in Oakville with the team at U-Need Storage. Call toll-free at 866-486-9111 or request more information online.


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