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Smart Storage Ideas for Small Space Living

Storing your essentials in a small space is challenging. Whether you are moving to a new city or renovating your house, storing your extra furniture and possessions in a safe place can put your mind at ease. Instead of having a garage sale and getting rid of your items, you can store seasonal items, extra vehicles or excess student gear in storage units. Rely on U-Need Storage for all your storage needs. We have been providing onsite self-storage, container sales and packing supplies since 2004.

Some storage ideas for small spaces are: 1. Look for Additional Storage Space Utilize storage space under your bed or furniture. Make sure the extra storage used adds value to your home and is aesthetically pleasing. Consider these tips for extra storage in your home: • Build cabinets beneath the stairs to store cleaning tools or a well-stocked trolley to keep other essentials • Use the space under the windows to build cabinets • Check for behind-the-door storage to store small items that can clutter your home 2. Collapsible Furniture You can multipurpose your furniture into storage space by adding foldable furniture such as tables, chairs. Some tips to remember while buying furniture are: • Buy tables that have built-in storage functionality • Look for nesting tables that can be used as two separate tables or a single larger table • Look for wall beds that you can store vertically against the wall, or inside a closet or cabinet 3. Add Furniture You can try adding furniture to make use of potential storage space. Reorganizing your home offers a perfect solution to maximize your current space. Some tips to add furniture are: • Add furniture in your bathrooms such as basket storage or vanity to keep bathroom essentials • Try floating shelves to make more room for your items • Use shelves around your door to store books or decorative items • Build a pull-out cupboard with multiple shelves in the kitchen to store utensils 4. Mobile Storage Mobile storage containers are delivered to your residence; you can pack the container with your essentials at your convenience. The storage container is then taken back to the storage facility or is delivered directly to your new address. 5. Declutter Your Home The benefits of decluttering your home are plenty. The time spent on cleaning and organizing will reduce, and you will have extra space to store your essentials. Some tips to declutter your home are: • Create a checklist of items that you want to keep, store, recycle, and donate • Give glass, electronic or plastic items to nearby recycling center • Clear away or donate items such as clothes, shoes that you don’t use anymore Store seasonal items such as snow blowers, leaf blowers, holiday decorations, extra furniture or extra dishes in a storage unit U-Need Storage is owned and operated by Durante Group of Companies and has storage units throughout the GTA for your convenience. You can choose any of our well-maintained facilities with ample storage space for your belongings. We also provide mobile storage, equipment sales and packing supplies. Contact us today for reliable storage units.


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