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5 popular kinds of collections and how to store them

If you’re a collector, you probably already know that safely storing your items is key. However, the best way to keep them depends on what precisely you’re collecting.

1. Comic books. Even a minor defect on a comic book can significantly decrease its value. For this reason, most collectors store their comics in protective plastic sleeves with a rigid board behind them to prevent bending, creasing and folding of the pages. There are also hard cases you can buy that will ensure your comics remain in impeccable condition. Comic books should be stored in a cool, dry environment away from direct sunlight. 2. Stamps. Stamps should be kept in albums on acid-free collection cards or in archival sleeves. This will help preserve the colours and overall condition of the stamps. The album should include interleaving, a plastic or glassine strip that gives additional protection between the pages. Keep your stamps at least six inches off the floor in a cool, dry space. 3. Coins. To prevent tarnishing, premature ageing and other damage, keep your coins and currency in a low-humidity environment with a steady temperature Coins should be kept in their original packaging in order to remain in mint condition. Additionally, you can preserve the integrity of loose coins by storing them in a special coin holder or album alongside any original documentation you have. 4. Trading cards. Store your trading cards in individual, acid-free plastic sleeves to protect them from wear and tear. These can easily slide into albums or card boxes for long-term storage. Valuable and rare cards should be kept in hard plastic cases that can be snapped shut. Protect your cards from humidity and water damage by keeping them in a climate-controlled space. 5. Wine. Properly storing wine is essential for maintaining its value and allowing it to age well. Your wine collection should be kept in dry, dark storage space as light can cause the wine to oxidize and change its flavour. Additionally, wine should be stored on its side at a consistent temperature and humidity levels. Climate controlled storage in the GTA No matter what you collect, a climate-controlled storage unit from U-Need Storage is the perfect place to keep it safe. Contact us today to find out more about our storage solutions.


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