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5 tips for storing electronics

When it comes to storing your items, it’s not enough to simply drop them in a cardboard box. Care is required when getting your belongings ready for long-term storage. This is especially true of electronics, which need extra attention if they’re going to survive being stored for an extended period of time. Here are five things you should do to keep your electronics safe while they’re in storage.

1. Back up your data Even if you don’t need the information right away, you should still back up your digital files online or on an external hard drive. Something may come up that makes quick access to the information necessary. Additionally, it’s important to prepare for a worst-case scenario. 2. Remove the batteries Batteries on their own don’t store well. They do even worse when they’re left in an electronic device that’s been packed away. If the battery casing were to break, battery acid could damage your device. It’s better to recycle the batteries currently in the device and purchase new ones when you decide to use it again. 3. Clean your electronics well Before putting your electronics away for any length of time, give them a thorough cleaning. Wipe them off and use a compressed air duster to clean out any hard-to-reach places. 4. Pack up devices carefully It’s important to cover your devices so they don’t accumulate dust over time. It’s best to use the original packaging if possible, as it’s designed to store and protect the specific item. However, if you don’t have the box the device came in anymore, cotton, canvas and cardboard are all great options for safely storing your electronics. However, you should avoid using plastic at all costs as doing so can lead to moisture buildup and consequently damage your electronics over time. 5. Use climate-controlled storage Electronics are sensitive to the conditions under which they’re stored, and it’s essential that you place them in a climate-controlled storage unit. Doing so will guarantee that your items aren’t damaged by the temperature or humidity. Storage solutions in the Greater Toronto Area If you’re looking for a secure, climate-controlled location to store your electronics, U-Need Storage has you covered. We provide units of various sizes in Milton, Oakville, Freelton, Dundas, Georgetown, Guelph, Mississauga and Hamilton. You can rent month to month, seasonally or long term. Contact us today with any storage-related questions or to learn more about the services we offer


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