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5 Tips for Storing Fragile Items

If you’re moving or storing things for your home, there’s a risk that your items may get broken or damaged. That’s why you need to take special care when storing fragile items. To keep your valuables safe, follow these five simple tips.


Buy sturdy containers

Find boxes that are made of sturdy cardboard or use plastic containers and totes. Cardboard can tear away at the bottom or buckle when you place other boxes on top. Plastic containers, however, are durable, weatherproof and easy to stack. Purchase containers that are all the same size so that your stacks are uniform and stable.


Use bubble wrap and other packing material


Items may get damaged as a result of them rolling around inside their box while moving. You can prevent this by wrapping individual glass objects and other breakables with bubble wrap and tape. Additionally, use packing peanuts to fill in any spaces between your items to prevent them from moving around.

Line the bottom of each container with crumpled paper and use more on top. Pack heavy objects underneath lighter ones. If possible, disassemble large items and pack the parts individually.


Label your boxes


Use a marker or labels to mark every box as fragile so that movers, friends and everyone else who handles the container will know to be careful. While you’re at it, list the contents of each box. It’ll save you from rummaging through them if you need to find something later.


Stack items on pallets


Place your boxes and containers on pallets to keep everything off the floor. Place the heaviest boxes down first and ensure your stacks are balanced and sturdy. Don’t stack your boxes too high and leave yourself walkways to help you find things more easily.

Use climate-controlled storage

Moisture, UV rays and extreme temperatures can damage fragile items. For this reason, it’s best to keep them stored safely in a climate-controlled storage unit. Fortunately, U-Need Storage offers this service.


Climate controlled storage in the GTA


At U-Need Storage, we have climate-controlled units available at a select number of our 12 locations in the Greater Toronto Area. Store your electronics, antiques, artwork and instruments safely away from extreme temperatures and humidity. We also offer mobile storage units and vehicle storage services. Contact us today to learn more about our storage facilities or get a free estimate.


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