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6 Ways to Maximize Space in Your Storage Unit

Finding the right storage unit to fit all your belongings can be challenging. Your needs will vary depending on many factors, including how you use the available space. So, how can you make the most of your storage unit? Here are six ways to maximize the room you have:

1. Map it out: Come up with a plan before you begin packing and moving in your things. Get the dimensions of your storage unit and draw a map so that you can determine what will fit inside. Having a visual representation can help you come up with creative solutions that’ll save you time and money. 2. Purchase uniform boxes: It’s easier to stack boxes that are the same size and shape. Consider investing in uniform boxes or rubber bins to save on space and keep your items free from dust, dirt and mould. Vacuum seal clothing, blankets and other linens to keep them fresh and well-preserved. Don’t forget to properly seal and label everything for easy access when you need it. 3. Take things apart: Disassemble large pieces of furniture so that they can be stacked and neatly lined up. 4. Make use of wall space: Don’t forget about your walls. Put up shelves and pegboards so you can make use of vertical space. Hang your tools, decorations, bags and other smaller items so you can use your floor space for your boxes and large items. 5. Hang things from the ceiling: Use bungee cords and hooks to hang bikes and other outdoor equipment. This way, not an inch of space will be wasted. 6. Nest things inside each other: Pack using the Russian doll method. You can use this concept to pack smaller objects inside larger objects and maximize space. For example, stuff your socks inside your shoes, put larger hats on top of smaller ones and stack chairs, bins, buckets, bowls and cups.



No matter what amount of storage space you require, U-Need Storage has the solution for you. We offer on-site self-storage, vehicle storage, and mobile storage in the Greater Toronto Area. Our twelve convenient locations are well-maintained and secure. Plus, our facilities are gated with keypad access and have video surveillance to help keep your items secure and protected. Contact us today to get a free estimate or learn more about our units.


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