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How to organize your storage unit for frequent access

When it comes to arranging your items in a storage unit, a little organization can go a long way toward saving you time and preventing major hassles. To ensure you can always find what you need, follow these simple tips for organizing your storage unit.

Identify items you most need The first thing you should do is determine which items you’ll need to access the most frequently. When you pack up the unit, put these items in last to be sure that you can get to them easily. Stick to one box size When you pack up your possessions, try to avoid using numerous different box sizes. Selecting one size makes it easier to neatly stack and organize the boxes. Keep in mind that small- or medium-size boxes are easier to move than larger ones, so they’re better for items you need to access regularly. Label everything Whatever you do, don’t skip out on labelling. Identify each box on both the top and one of its sides. Don’t be afraid to get detailed. Assign each box a number, list out the contents of the box and maybe even label it with a star if you think you’ll need something from it in the near future. Plan the layout beforehand When it’s time to begin organizing your storage unit, don’t just start shoving things in at random. A strategic plan of action will go a long way. Try to keep your furniture separate from your boxes so that you don’t get stuck moving one to gain access to the other. You should also make sure to leave a path down the middle so that you can get from one end of the unit to the other without much hassle. Map it out It might sound tedious, but it’ll save you tons of time in the long run. Create a master list of every item in your storage unit, and then draw up a map of where everything can be found. It doesn’t have to look fancy; it just has to be easy to read. To simplify things, assign each box a number, which you can then use to indicate its location on the map. Self-storage in Milton, Oakville, Guelph and surrounding areas If you’re looking for an outdoor or indoor self-storage unit in Guelph, Oakville, Milton, Mississauga, Freelton, Georgetown or Hamilton, contact our team at U-Need Storage today.


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