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How to Prepare Your RV for Winter Storage

Preparing your RV for long-term storage will protect your investment and make starting it again in spring much easier. Here are some things you should do before the snow arrives.

Drain the water


If you leave water in your plumbing, it will freeze and expand, and you’re subsequently likely to need costly repairs. To prevent this, drain your fresh water and wastewater tanks as well as all your plumbing lines. Use a non-toxic RV antifreeze to push the water out of the entire system.

Every RV is different, so consult your owner’s manual to ensure you’re doing it correctly, or take it to a professional.


Disconnect and store the battery


Winter weather will freeze and damage your battery. To keep it in good condition, disconnect it and store it in a cool dry place. Make sure to charge it every few months.


Cover the vehicle


Invest in an RV cover to protect the exterior from harmful UV rays and damage from freezing rain. Plastic tarps aren’t great because condensation between the plastic and the vehicle can damage the RV’s surface.


Change the oil


Old oil contains acids that can corrode your engine, so give your RV an oil change before you store it for winter.


Stabilize the gasoline


Old gasoline leaves gummy deposits in the fuel lines and the engine. Prevent this by using a fuel stabilizer. Add it to the gas tank according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Fill the tank and start the engine to allow the treated gasoline to flow completely through the system.


Protect it from rodents


Bits of food are likely to attract rodents such as rats and mice, which can eat through electrical wiring and damage your RV. Therefore, make sure your motorhome is clean and remove all food. Clean the shelves, cupboards, fridge, freezer, countertops and floors.


Store it in a safe location


Try to park your vehicle in a location protected from wind and away from trees that could topple in an ice storm. Thieves and vandals don’t take the winter off, so ensure all windows and doors are locked. Storage facilities offer secure RV parking with access control and video surveillance.


RV and seasonal storage in the GTA


Store your RV safely this winter with U-Need Storage. Our outdoor parking facility in Burlington provides secure and affordable storage for your seasonal vehicles. We also offer special climate-controlled indoor parking at select locations throughout the GTA. Learn more about our vehicle storage options and contact us today.


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