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How to prepare your snowmobile for summer storage

As winter comes to an end, several activities wrap up for the season. Among other things, it’s time to hang up your skis and put your snowmobile in storage. After serving you well over the last several months, now is the perfect opportunity to give your snowmobile a tune-up. Here are some of the steps you should take before you put it away for the summer.

Stabilize the fuel It’s important not to empty your snowmobile’s fuel tank before you put it in storage. That being said, you’ll need to stabilize the remaining fuel so that it doesn’t corrode parts of the engine. Following the instructions on the bottle, add fuel stabilizer to the tank. Let your snowmobile run for a few minutes to ensure the product has a chance to flow through the whole system. Fog the engine If you don’t plan to start your snowmobile for several months, it’s recommended that you add extra lubricant to the engine to prevent corrosion. This is called “fogging the engine” because it produces a lot of white smoke. For this reason, it’s best to complete this task outside. Inspect the brake system Give your snowmobile’s brake system a once-over before you put it in storage. Look for cracks in the brake hose and damage to the pads and discs. Additionally, you should check the brake fluid level and have it replaced if it’s been more than two years. Make sure any necessary repairs get done as soon as possible so that your snowmobile will be ready to go when the cold weather sets in. Give it a good cleaning After a long winter, your snowmobile probably needs to be washed, rinsed and waxed. In addition to making it look good, removing dirt and road salt will prevent the metal components from corroding while in storage. After you wash your snowmobile, applying wax will add a layer of protection to keep it in good condition all summer. Store it properly The way you store your snowmobile matters. Ideally, it should be stored off the ground. This allows the suspension to relax, thereby helping to extend its lifespan. Place a lightweight cover over your snowmobile to prevent scratches and protect it from moisture. Storage units in Ontario If you need to store a vehicle, such as your snowmobile, or you’re looking for a place to keep some household items during a renovation or move, U-Need Storage has you covered. Contact us today to learn more.


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