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In the seasons when you don’t need extra blankets, you can reduce household clutter by keeping your bedding in storage. With items like sheets and blankets, you need to be extra careful to preserve the cleanliness and integrity of the materials. Here are some tips for storing your comforters and blankets safely.

  • Start with clean, dry bedding Launder all items that’ll go into storage, even if they already seem clean. Undetectable traces of hair or pet dander carry oils that may cause the fabric to discolour over time. Once you’ve washed the bedding, ensure everything is dried thoroughly. Eliminating dampness guards against mildew and some pests. Adding silica gel packets to your storage containers will also help control moisture.

  • Think about your materials Consider ways to make the most of your space, but don’t neglect the care requirements of your bedding. Natural and synthetic materials have different maintenance needs, so choose storage solutions best suited to your pieces. Store fabric-based materials in spaces where air can circulate through the cloth. Down-filled comforters need extra room and care to preserve the insulating properties of the feathers.

  • Choose suitable containers When you choose storage products, consider how best to use them. Here are some options: A cedar-lined storage chest provides an aromatic solution for organic fibres and naturally repels moths. Occasionally sand the interior for a fresh release of cedar scent. Regular sanding also maintains the effectiveness of the wood’s moth-repellent oils. Plastic bins with tightly fitted lids are best suited for protecting synthetic materials against dust and moisture. Available in a variety of sizes and shapes, you’ll find containers that work within your space constraints. Some containers have wheels for portability. Vacuum bags compress your bedding into airtight packages. This storage solution guards against moisture and is best for limited storage space. However, compression prevents the healthy air circulation through the fibres. Never vacuum-store comforters with down filling. Cotton bags or large cotton sheets are the recommended way to pack duvets. While not moisture-proof, they provide natural protection against dust and pests. It’s best to store duvets in a climate-controlled space.


Keep your bedding and other household items clean and dry in a secure, climate-controlled self-storage unit in Milton, Guelph, Oakville, Freelton, Georgetown, Stoney Creek and surrounding communities. Whatever you want to store, U-Need Storage has a solution. Contact us for an estimate.


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