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Whether in your home or office, your rugs are an investment in the beauty and character of your space. When you put them in storage, you must take special care to protect them against pests, moisture, and pollutants. Here are some tips to keep your rugs and carpets in their best condition while in storage.

Prepare for storage The key to safe rug storage is pre-storage cleaning and treating. Cleaning before storage will eliminate particles that could discolour the fibres or attract pests. Different carpet materials have different cleaning considerations, so check the label on yours for instructions. Ask the seller for information on the rug’s care or get advice from a local rug seller. Once the rugs have been thoroughly cleaned, treat them with insect and moth repellant designed especially for fabrics. Roll, don’t fold Rolling the rug rather than folding it will avoid creases and cracks that can cause damage. Determine which side is more delicate – usually the decorative pile side, but not always – and roll with that side inward. A curtain rod or dowel may help keep the rug straight as you roll. Before you start rolling, here’s a tip for safeguarding the inner rolled edge from weight stress and creasing. Fold – don’t crease – the first six inches of the rug inward, then begin rolling with the folded edge. Once you commence rolling, check that this initial fold creates a soft S-shape rather than a hard crease in the centre of the roll. Use a protective covering A protective covering guards your rug while in transit and provides an extra layer of protection against dirt and pests while stored. You can purchase a specially designed rug wrap or use a sheet of breathable fabric like cotton or muslin to avoid moisture buildup. To ensure complete coverage, wrap one and a half times around and secure with twill tape. Choose a safe space The storage space should be cool and dry, away from harmful natural light. Keep your rug on a surface elevated off the ground, and don’t place other items on top of it. You can use a fan or dehumidifier to limit the risk of mildew, but a climate-controlled storage space is ideal. Storage Facilities in Mississauga, Georgetown, and Guelph There’s a U-Need Storage location near you, wherever you are in the GTA. Whether you need a mobile container or a secure unit for self-storage, you can find us in Oakville, Freelton and at multiple locations in Milton. We serve residential and commercial clients with flexible monthly, seasonal and long-term storage options. Contact U-Need Storage today and ask for a no-obligation quote.


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