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Storing your motorcycle for winter: 5 essential steps

Riding a motorcycle in Ontario is a fun way to get around in the summer months, but unfortunately, you can’t use it year-round. Before the snow flies, you need to prepare your motorcycle for storage. Here are the essential steps you’ll need to take to safely store your motorcycle in winter.

1. Disconnect and charge your battery


Leaving your battery in your motorcycle for the winter without taking precautions will ensure it’s discharged come spring. Modern motorcycles have batteries with a portal to connect to a smart charger. It’s important to use one specifically made for a motorcycle because standard, 2-amp trickle-chargers are too powerful and will overheat your battery. There’s no need to disconnect it.

For older models, disconnect the battery cables one at a time. Disconnect the black, negative (-) cable before the red, positive (+) one. Check the electrolyte level and top it off with distilled water if needed. Place on a charger indoors for the winter.


2. Stabilize the gasoline


The volatile part of gasoline evaporates after about a month. Adding fuel stabilizer to the gas tank prevents this from happening. Also, make sure the tank is topped off to reduce condensation inside.


3. Change the fluids


You need to change the oil at least once a year, and this is a good time to do it. Old oil contains acids that can corrode your engine. Check the coolant levels, too. Fill with a mixture of half-coolant, half water. Flush the coolant entirely and fill it back up if you haven’t done it in a while.


4. Relax the tires


Take weight off the tires by lifting the bike off the floor. This’ll prevent your tires from developing flat spots. With a centre-stand, support the front tires with a block of wood. If you have a bike with a side-stand, try and move the bike around every now and then to rotate the tires.


5. Lock it up safely


Make sure your motorcycle is secure, either in a locked shed or garage. If you don’t have indoor space, put it somewhere where would-be thieves can’t see it. Otherwise, rent a parking space at your local storage facility with security features such as video surveillance, fences, and gates with controlled access.


Motorcycle storage in the GTA


Store your motorcycle safely with U-Need Storage and free up valuable garage space this winter. Our outdoor parking facilities provide secure and affordable storage for your seasonal vehicle. We also offer special climate-controlled indoor parking at select locations throughout the GTA for vehicles needing extra care. Contact us today to learn more about storing you vehicle with us.


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