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Summer Storage for Students

Are you leaving campus or your student house for the summer? If so, you’ll likely need to empty your room and contents before you leave. Whether you’re planning to head back to your hometown or depart on an adventure abroad, you’ll have to find a safe place to store your belongings. Here’s what you should know about student storage.


The storage unit size you require will depend on the amount of stuff you want to store. If you live in student housing, the smallest unit size available should be more than enough to hold your books, bedding, gadgets and other belongings. However, if you live in an apartment or house off-campus, you may need a bigger unit. This is especially true if you need to clear the space of furniture and appliances.



When starting to pack up your room, be sure to set aside anything you think you’ll need over the summer, such as your clothes and electronics. Here’s how to pack everything else, so it’s ready for you next semester:

  • Pack books in small, sturdy boxes. Lay them flat with the biggest ones on the bottom. Packing them vertically can damage their spines.

  • Wrap kitchenware like glasses, plates and other dishes individually in plain newsprint or bubble wrap. Don’t use newspaper, as the ink can leave marks on your dishes. Pack bigger pieces on the bottom with smaller things on top. Be sure to put extra newsprint or bubble wrap between pieces so things don’t shift around and break.

  • Clean your appliances before putting them in your storage unit. Traces of food and other dirt and debris may attract pests to your storage unit. If you have a fridge of any size, leave the door open.

  • Label every box on at least two sides and keep a detailed inventory of what each one holds. This will make unpacking a breeze come fall.

  • Maximize your storage space by stacking most of your boxes vertically, with the heavier ones on the bottom.


Are you looking for a place to store your school belongings between semesters? If so,U-NEED Storage has everything you need. We provide indoor and outdoor storage units in different sizes at 10 locations across the GTA. Contact us today to find out more.


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