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What You Should Know about Choosing a Lock for Your Storage Unit

Though the facilities at U-NEED Storage are secure, we ask that you safeguard your unit with a lock. This reinforces the existing security and ensures that you’re the only one who can access your belongings. To help you choose a quality model, here’s a primer on the kinds of locks you can buy and what features to look for.

Types available These are the varieties of locks most commonly used in storage facilities:

  • Padlocks. These kinds of locks feature a u-shaped shank attached to a body that can be sprung open with a key. While they’re readily available and affordable, padlocks aren’t the best choice for a storage unit as they’re easy to cut.

  • Combination locks. Similar in design to padlocks, these devices employ a numerical rotating dial instead of a key to open them. However, just padlocks - they can be easily cut. What’s more, there are ways to determine the numeric combination by touch.

  • Disc locks. Created especially for storage units, a disc lock features a thick shank and is made of stronger steel than the other models mentioned. Additionally, there’s very little space between where the bolt exits on one side and enters the other, making it almost impossible to cut.

Indicators of quality When choosing your lock, look for the following features:

  • A thick shank. Also referred to as a shackle, this is the part of the lock that goes through the latch of your storage locker. The thicker this part is, the more secure it’ll be. Therefore, it’s wise to choose a lock with the thickest shackle possible.

  • A strong locking mechanism. This series of pins holds the shank in place when the lock is closed and is released when you turn the key. The more pins there are, the more secure it is. Choose a lock with at least five pins.

  • A metal body. The piece that holds the locking mechanism should be made of titanium or steel.

Shopping for a storage lock You can find a high-quality lock directly from most storage facilities or a hardware store. Avoid the locks you can find at the dollar store or discount shops. These won’t provide the security you want for your storage locker. U-NEED Storage supplies storage lockers, or you can choose your own. Secure self-storage facilities in the GTA U-NEED Storage offers you everything you need to safely store your items in one of our units, including disc locks and brass padlocks. Contact us today to find out more about our storage facilities.


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